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Date Category Title Location Price Pic
  Animals - Pets:
Oct 20 Animals - Pets quail chicks Hermiston, OR $4
  Appliances - Ranges & Stoves:
Oct 27 Appliances - Ranges & Stoves GE Electric 30 Slide-In Stove and Oven Kendrick, ID $350
Oct 18 Artwork Showflipper Art Competition Oxnard, CA $25
  Building Material:
Oct 11 Building Material Pocket Door Baker City, OR $20 NO
  Car Parts - Domestic Body Parts/Whole:
Oct 4 Car Parts - Domestic Body Parts/Whole 2012 Dodge pick up tailgate extender Sacramento, CA $200 NO
  Electronics - Televisions:
Oct 29 Electronics - Televisions HNN TV WINDOWS 10 STREAMING TV PC Prairie City, OR $299
  Farm Equipment:
Nov 6 Farm Equipment Livestock water trough Baker City, OR $50 NO
Oct 23 Farm Equipment rears weed sprayer - $1000 (Redmond) Redmond, OR $1000 NO
Oct 11 Miscellaneous window Baker City, OR $250 NO
Oct 4 Miscellaneous 1990 Yamaha Waverunner and trailer Sacramento, CA $800
  Mobile Homes:
Nov 5 Mobile Homes 5TH WHEEL SPACE Newman, CA $0 NO
Oct 29 Televisions HNN TV WINDOWS 10 STREAMING TV PC Fresno, CA $299
  Video Accessories:
Oct 12 Video Accessories DVD s for Sale $1 each Large Assortment Los Angeles, CA $1 NO
Oct 17 Wanted Buy Cheap Tablecloths for Wedding Ontario, CA $0
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